Today's class started a little slowly, but we touched on some key points, and I articulated my expectations for class participation.  All students must participate in the blogs and in the class daily.  Both require that you reference the text or outside source, ask a question, state an opinion, express a concern, or reply to another comment or post. 

Blogs and class discussions are based on the supposition that a collaborative environment is a creative environment, where ideas are shared freely and safely.  The rules of a blog are the same as a class discussion, including respect, intellectual curiousity and preparation.

Blogs have an additional thread of outside collaboration.  I expect you to blog in other sites (articles, blogs, forums and wikis) related to our book or your project and "trackback" on this site, so we can follow you.  Invite others from those sites to post here.

Blogs and class discussion are 25% of your grade.  The art of blogging can be found here: http://www.problogger.net/archives/2008/08/12/how-to-craft-a-blog-post-10-crucial-points-to-pause/

    Ms. Borchers

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